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PROCASE Srl, founded in 1998 by the Contini family based in Malagnino in the province of Cremona, deals with the production and transformation of semi-finished natural and synthetic yarns from Eastern Europe and North Africa, more specifically from Egypt, near the riverbed of the Nile river.

Shortly after the initial start-up phases and thanks to the first positive results of the market, quick and timely deliveries, as well as the high quality of the products, the family decides to accelerate its evolutionary path by changing the corporate aspect, and from sole transformers they become producers of producers of yarns which other companies use as raw material.

The main aspects of Procase productions that are mostly appreciated are the regularity, the breaking strength, the excellent packaging and the clearly competitive price that lead the Contini family to take the ambitious decision to stop depending on raw materials and to invest directly with their own capital in the aforementioned countries where raw materials and labor allow to be even more effective.

Today Procase Srl boasts two production units, one plant in Egypt opened in 2006 and a second one successively opened in Romania in 2010.

In Egypt, in the largest production plant, with the support of international consultancies and Irish master spinners, with highly performing and high productivity spinning machines, natural fiber (linen) twine is produced directly from the raw material grown nearby the factory.

At the same time as the main spinning processes, Procase Srl realizes an even more complete maturation by starting the production of synthetic and natural fiber twine for salumi factories and for the slaughtering industry, also by inserting knitting machines a little at a time (Orizio Srl and Vignoni- Santoni Spa) for the production of stockinette, and later of Lonati machines for the production of elastic sacs.

The production unit in Romania, on the other hand, is highly specialized in the production of synthetic fibers.

The partner companies of Procase Srl, a qualified producer and scrupulous buyer of cutting-edge materials and technologies, are some of the most accredited and certified multinationals in the world.

The latter comply with the most demanding regulations in the food sector, allowing Procase to make direct use of raw synthetic fiber materials to produce elastic sacs, stockinette and twines.

For natural fiber, Procase sows linen and carries out the harvesting, threshing, spinning, twisting, polishing and packaging in the Egyptian production unit.


➞ European leader of production of Stockinette 96 tons/year
➞ World leader in the production of natural twine for the food sector 300 tons/year
➞ European leader in the production of twine and synthetic cordage 150 tons/year
➞ Elastic sacs 3,600,000 pcs/year
➞ Elastic net 2.500.000 mt/year

Despite the downturn in recent years, our turn-over has been increasing more and more, we export to France, Germany, Australia, the United States, Egypt, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Korea, Russia, Greece.

You can see us as exhibitors at some trade fairs:

Eurocarne Verona - Meat-Tech (by Ipack Ima) of Rho-Milan - IFFA Frankfurt - Cibus Tec Parma