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I nostri prodotti


Procase s.r.l is able to satisfy any of your requests by simply contacting us.

All our products are closely examined and tested for quality before they are put on the Italian or International market, and only after they have passed all our controls are they able to wear the Procase name of trusted quality. 
All of this our customers already know. Infact, we are able to provide from the professional salami distributors, with forms that are able to adapt to almost all automatic machines tha make salami.  Also, to those who use our pruducts periodically, we provide balls of thread and spools that have been studied specifically for your convenience.  Confections of 10 pieces are available to satisfy a smaller demand. Our products satisfy the Italian and Iternational markets completely because with our gamma of products we provide also plait and poliprofanene twine available in different sizes and types.
    Also, available are elastic nets in different models thanks to the versatality of our manchines.  Therefore, the wide range of products available to our customers permits us to provide nets for salami and for products that need to be roasted or boiled.

All this and more awaits you. Contact us immediately we are at your disposal.

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